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Fraud Warning - Please read!

Criminals send phishing emails or text messages, pretending to be from a trusted organisation. They want you to click the link to get your phone number and the name of your bank. You will then receive a call from the criminals, pretending to be from your bank’s fraud team and persuaded to move your money to a safe account or give away card reader codes.

Many variations of this scam exist; from bogus COVID-19 fines to the promise of free Supermarket shopping vouchers. Click Visit our Security Centre below for more details.

Please remember;

·         We will never tell you to move your money to a safe account

·         We will never ask you to reveal your card reader codes

·         Do not click on a link in an email unless you are certain it is genuine

·         Don’t give your personal data or card details to anyone until you are certain you know it is a genuine request

We are working hard to keep you safe from fraud. If you think you may have given away your details to a scammer, please contact us immediately.


Visit our Security Centre